👋 I'm Mackie, a software engineer and musician. I enjoy creating music, art, and software and helping others do the same.

mackie at his surprise birthday party
Photo taken by my friend Nazir

I studied a mix of music, engineering, and art in college, but I have spent my professional career working in the tech industry.

I have experience with Android and full-stack web engineering (Node.js, TypeScript, React), with job experiences ranging from startups in San Francisco to large companies in Detroit and throughout the United States, both in-person and remote. In addition to this experience, I have also contributed to various open source software projects, such as maintaining a couple of widely used ESLint plugins for a period of time[1][2].

Besides working with code, I enjoy playing music – guitar, bass, piano, and producing in Ableton Live. I also love to play basketball and video games.

If you are curious about my work experience, please review my LinkedIn or resume.