Month calendar view helpers with Luxon

Last year, I explored building a month view calendar with Rails. I thought Rails date helpers made building this UI much simpler than using JavaScript. And while I still think that’s true, I realized it’s not too much harder to build this same UI with JavaScript using the Luxon library.

In order to get a month view calendar date range, we first need a Luxon DateTime object.

const dateTime =

To get the start of the calendar (start of the week for the first day of the month), we can use the startOf method.

const start = dateTime.startOf('month').startOf('week')

Similarly, we can get the end of the calendar (end of the week for the last day of the month) with the endOf method.

const end = dateTime.endOf('month').endOf('week')

Now we can create an Interval from the start and end dates in order to generate each day in the calendar date range.

const range = Interval.fromDateTimes(start, end).splitBy({ days: 1 })

Finally, we can map over the range and format each date as a string (or whatever other things you want to do with each DateTime object).

const formattedDays = => day.start.toFormat('yyyy-MM-dd'))